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Make Your Dreams Come True

How to make a Dream Board to Make your Dreams come True

A great way to start making your Dream Goals become Real is by making a collage.

Some call it a Dream Board or a Vision Board. What you call it doesn’t matter…. what you put on it, does. It typically is a poster board on which you paste images and words, photos and affirmations that you cut out from magazines or print outs.

A Vision Board brings clarity to your hearts desire. The visual images add feelings to these desires making it a magical manifesting tool.

A Dream Board reflects what you wish to experience or create for that year or in your life. And they can truly give magical results. If you are interested in the science on why vision boards work, you can find a number of articles on the net. My focus here will be to introduce you to a few guidelines on how to make one for yourself.

Follow the steps below to help create your own Vision Board:

1. Sit quietly for a few minutes in a place where you are not disturbed. Have a pen and paper ready. Now close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on Dec 31st, 2015 and you had the most amazing year of your life. As you really feel it, you smile, you feel the surge of excitement, happiness, contentment. Now start imagining all those things that made your year 2015 so fabulous. As you think up these memories you will notice a pattern emerging…. maybe its career and money or maybe its peace and happiness in family or maybe its health or a combination. You need to just let it flow…let it flow. There is no time limit. When you are done…. write it all down. If you have not yet noticed you might notice the pattern as you write down all of these imagined memories. Go through them and cluster them into a heading like health or family or job/career or anything else. Now you are ready for the next step.

2. If you already have magazines at home collect them or you could go out and buy some. It is best to finish the process in a day or two so that you don’t lose momentum and get busy with your ever busy life. You would also need poster board, scissor, glue, golden marker (optional), a happy photo of you (optional). Next when you have some quiet time review the list you made and now start cutting or ripping anything (images or words) from the magazine that resonates with you. I actually went online and chose some images and got them printed besides the cut outs from magazine. I also used glitter and colorful craft paper to write my wishes/focus for this year. You may not want to go to that extent, magazines can give you enough material.

3. Paint a thin golden border on the edges of your poster board (optional). Assemble what you have got onto your board (including your happy photo-optional). If your focus is family you can use a happy family photo. There is no right or wrong way….let it just flow, do whatever feels right for you. You might want to re-arrange it and play around with it for a bit. Once you are done…..glue them onto the board.

4. You could also write down your intention in a sentence on the back of the board or at the top or bottom of your collage. Or you could use some affirmations which feel inspirational.

5. You are all done. Put it up on your wall. Some prefer the bedroom so you look at it before you go to bed and first thing when you get up. You can put it anywhere you feel like. My board is in the room where I meditate. You could also help your kids make one for themselves.

Take out a few minutes during the day to look at your board when you are relaxed and peaceful. Just looking at it, breathing in all the happy emotions it invokes, visualizing it all coming true in your life.

Happy Manifesting!!

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