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70,000 Thoughts Per Day!! Really!?

70,000 Thoughts Per Day!! Really!?

And Can You Make it Zero?

Yes! you read it right.

Experts estimate that our mind thinks between 60,000–80,000 thoughts a day. Thats an average of 2,500–3,300 thoughts per hour. Crazy right! Whats more crazy is that 98% of them are repetitive.

Holy Moly!! 98% of our 70K thoughts are same over and over and over again. Now thats crazy.

And the worst is that majority of them are negative (past traumas, worries about the future) and the list goes on. This might have you wondering “How can I make myself think less thoughts?” or “Can I even make myself think less?” Is it even Possible!!??

And I am here to tell you, that it is Possible. Yes people like You and Me, we can reduce the many thoughts that we have every day. We you have families, kids, crazy work schedule, friends, parties and commitments. We can do it too!And it's EASY.

Here is the SECRET.We are not going to fight our thoughts. We are not going to push them away or shout at them or cuss them. We are simply going to allow them to arise. Because no matter what we think, we really don’t have much control over the thoughts that pop up. BUT we do have control over the amount of time we want to spend with each thought that arises.

SO HOW DO WE DO IT?Simply close your eyes. And bring your attention to your breath for a few seconds. Notice how it goes in and out of your body. And when thoughts arise as they inevitably will, don’t engage.Simply notice the thought and bring your attention back to your breath.Three simple steps. And you can do it whenever, wherever. With practice you don’t even have to close your eyes. You can do it while cooking, walking and doing any other chores. The only thing different is, instead of keeping your attention on your breath, you keep it on the work or activity that you are doing. An Easy Way To Living Mindfully!!


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