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Is The Universe Talking To You?


In every moment the universe is whispering to us...........

But we don’t always recognize the messages that the universe sends us either because we are too busy to notice or we are not fully aware of the language of the universe.

One of the ways that Universe communicates with us is through SIGNS.

Do you ever wonder how to read those signs that the universe is giving you? Reading signs has been a part of many cultures going back centuries. But with modern living we have lost touch with that part of us that has the ability to read what the universe is telling us. The good news is, it is easy to get back in touch…. the more you are willing to listen to what signs are telling you the more you will be guided. There are always signs around you...........It doesn't matter where you are in life, whether you are happy or unhappy, satisfied with where you are or looking for growth, there are always signs all around you. There are messages in the clouds, the wind, the birds, even on the radio or on TV or a casual conversation that you might overhear. The best part is that everyone has the ability to read signs, if only one is willing to take the moment to listen. Learning to read and understand the signs can help answer questions, provide direction and clarity.

Fundamentally signs function as messengers.........

And they can provide you with important information about your present life circumstances. They can also give information about your future. There are also reflective signs, which serve as a reflection about where you are in your life. There can also be signs from people who have passed over. In this article I will be covering Messenger signs.

There are many ways that signs can come up for you in your life.........


One of the easiest ways that signs come up in your life, is in your dreams. Dreams are the way that spirit can speak to you, the way through which your higher self or sub-conscious can speak to you. It can give you information about what's going on currently in your life or which direction you are headed in the near future. The important thing is to remember your dreams and be willing to pause and listen to what messages they might have for you. Now everybody dreams but not everybody remembers their dreams. To help you remember I suggest that you place a pencil and a paper next to your bed. And right before you go to bed just affirm over and over again "Tonight I will remember my dreams" "Tonight I will remember my dreams”. When you wake up in the morning if you still can't remember anything just start scribbling, sometimes that brings the flow otherwise you may remember it later during the day. When you do remember your dream just simply stop, be still and ask yourself “If I knew what this dream was trying to tell me what could it be?” And often the very first thing that comes up in your mind is the message.


There are other ways that signs may come into your life. Especially if something repeats itself three times in a short span of time, pay close attention to it. One of my teachers Doreen Virtue talks about Angel numbers, if you notice a group of numbers in threes like 333, 444, 411 they hold specific messages for you. I personally use it often. If I have a question I ask Angels to show me a sign to let me know if I am headed in the right direction and I always get answers. Sometimes as I go about my life there are numbers that just catch my attention and I stop and listen and very often they will have guidance for me.HOMEAnother way that signs present themselves is through the home systems. Plumbing of the house represents emotions….clogged plumbing over and over again may represent blocked emotions or an overflowing toilet may represent overflowing emotions. Electricity in the house represents the life force. If the breakers keep going off, it may mean that you are spending too much energy, and you need to slow down. Similarly floors of the house represent foundation. Your house is a reflection of you, take a moment to look around and see if there is a message for you.


Body ailments are signs too and usually have messages for you. Lower back ache often means the person is experiencing financial worry. Upper back issues may reflect lack of support. Arthritis can be a representation of feeling unloved, criticism and resentment. Breast represent mothering and nurturing and breast problems may be a sign of not nourishing the self, putting everyone else first or over mothering. One of the best books written on this topic that I have come across and that extensively covers the various body ailments and their representation is “Heal Your Life” by Louise hay.


Many cultures like the Indians, Chinese and even Native Americans have worked with nature and animal signs for centuries using them for guidance. Many Native American cultures believe that a person is assigned an animal totem upon the time of birth and each animal has specific meaning and qualities. In fact a few years back we had an amazing experience of how animals can be a sign. We were at that time looking to buy a house. After looking at a few we had found the perfect one, everything seemed just right. Beautiful house, beautiful yard and beautiful all around. We said Yes! And I remember very clearly as we were driving back a deer crossed our path. It stood there for a moment. I know Deer is not an un-common sight here (where I live) but this one caught my attention. I was comparatively new at totems and although I knew it had some message for us I just could not put my finger on it. Maybe because I was mentally already picturing myself in the new house, I was not so open to receiving the message it had for me. At the final stages of home inspection and by sheer luck we found out that the house desperately needed a complete new septic system and the current one would have not lasted long. Its only later that I understood….Deer besides other things also represents caution, and a level of not trusting, it is always very vigilant. The Deer here was a sign for us to be careful and not to take things at face value!! So if you chance upon an animal or bird that catches your attention, stop and listen. What characteristics it represents and if anything resonates with your life at that moment.

OTHERS: Other ways signs may present themselves in your life is if you overhear a conversation accidentally and it catches your attention. Even conversational slips can carry messages for you. When you mean one word but you say another, take a moment and see if this is a sign for you. Your emotions can be a sign too, when you feel sad, or angry or fearful or joyful… pay attention because that can be your inner self giving you a sign. Also pay attention to any printed word that catches your eye repeatedly. An interesting way the sign may come up in your life is through the advice that you give others, especially the advice you give others over and over again, chances are there is a message for you....usually we teach what we need to learn. And Yes! (wink* wink*) I am sure there is a message for me here :)

So Today….Stop Listen to the signs all around you.I hope you enjoyed reading about signs and if you need any support decoding the messages that you might be receiving, I will try my best to help you out.Happy Sign Reading!!


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