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Bless Your Way To Bliss

Bless Your Way To Bliss

Bless your way to Bliss: A super simple way to help you feel more at peace everyday......

(No its not meditation) ;)

It sometimes frustrates me and at other times amuses me to notice how much of my life, is driven by how I feel, my roller-coaster emotions! It's overwhelming to see, how much time and energy I can spend thinking about someone or something that has upset or angered me today, last week or years ago. How easy it is to fall prey to this vicious cycle of thinking.... How easy it is to trigger negative emotions.

And so I started looking for something that could help me redirect my thoughts and hence my emotions to a more peaceful existence. Thats when I came across "The Gentle Art of Blessing".

Below I will introduce you to this practice and I encourage you to try it anytime you catch yourself feeling like a victim, thinking thoughts of criticism or judgement.

Here Blessing simply means wishing from all your heart the very best for the other person. Intentions mean the most..... Blessing follows. And you can bless others in endless ways... in their health, wealth, work, money, abundance, relationship and much much more as you feel guided in that moment. Remember the most important dimension of blessing is the sincerity with which you do it.

Initially it may feel more like a forced action originating from your will than your heart. But do it anyways as this reflects your intention to heal your thinking..... Intention to shift your mental state to a more peaceful place. It will help you to not only notice your thoughts when they go topsy turvy but also to free you from those same negative thoughts. Slowly the blessings will blossom from an act of will to a yearning of the heart. You will feel your heart sing every-time you bless, a light that lifts your mood and lightens your load.

Gradually you can move up to not only blessing people who you feel have wronged you ... Who occupy your mind but complete strangers.... People you pass by as you go about your day to day work.... Silently blessing them in their happiness... In their joy... In their health and wealth... And much more.

For me initially I found it difficult to say "I bless you ......" as if the words suggested I was superior in some way to be able to bless others. But blessing here simply means wishing from your heart the well being of another. If you are like me and find it difficult to say "I bless you..." You are free to use which ever way makes it easy for you. You could say "I wish for you from the bottom of my heart" or "May God bless you with " etc.

Again in blessing the words are not as important as is the intention, the sincerity with which you do it.

If you want to give it a try I would suggest that you start with something or someone who has recently been on your mind or disturbing your peace.... Something that you have been wanting to let go but are unable to. Practice blessing the people involved every time that thought pops up. Do it again and again and again till you start feeling more at peace and free from those thoughts.

Oh and as you practice the gentle art of blessing don't forget to bless yourself, your day and all those near and dear.

* This article is inspired by the book "The Gentle Art Of Blessing" by Pierre Pradervand.

If it resonates with you, I highly recommend reading the book. It captures in detail the art behind blessing and many benefits it brings to your life.

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