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Miracle Box - Manifesting Miracles In Your Life


"Miracles happen to those, who believe in them"

Miracle Box is a great way to manifest "miracles" in our life. It helps you to set intentions for the months and year ahead. As one of my teachers said "Anju, where ever intention goes, energy flows." Miracle Box is also a great way to declare to yourself and to the universe that You Are Ready!! for your dreams to come true.

A Miracle Box is like a repository for all your dreams, desires and intentions for the year ahead in the form of a statement supported by meaningful pictures and decorations.

It helps you to manifest your dreams, all those things that you are yearning for. It can be something physical like a home or a car or something that you want to be like a yoga instructor or someone with great confidence or learning to skate or swim. If you are new to this as a concept, sometimes it is easier to start small in your manifestation journey and then as you begin to build momentum you can put out bigger things.

Here are the steps to making a Miracle Box. Remember there is no right or wrong, do what feels good to you.

Step 1: Select A Box

Select a box that you want to make into your miracle box. It can be of any type, shape or form till it has a cover or a lid. You can even use a shoe box or get a nice new box from a craft store.

Step 2: Gratitude

Now get some color pens or markers and on four sides of the box write "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." At least four times on all four different sides of the box. Not on the top or bottom but on the sides of the box as it represents four different directions (North, South, East, West) with four different energies.

Step 3: And So It Is

Now under the top of the lid write this or a similar statement "Whatever is within the box is so" "This is so". This statement helps in declaring that all your dreams and desires in the box is so, is the truth.

Remember that your feelings are very important so when you are writing "Thank You" feel the gratitude in your heart. Gratitude for all that is and and all that is going to be. Feel it in your heart, in your body as you write those words. And when you write "This is so", feel as if all your dreams have already come true, feel as if you are simply declaring the truth of their existence in your life right now.

Step 4: Decorating the Box

Now decorate the box whichever way and however you want to. You can use wrapping paper, glitter, gem stones, crayons, paints anything that gets you into the flow of creativity as you decorate the box. Because a part of manifesting is being in the space of creation, in the energy of creativity. Decorate the box in the color, images that make you feel good and don't get stuck in being perfect. The box doesn't have to be perfect to create miracles. It has to feel joyful and positive.

Step 5: Scrolls

Now get small pieces of papers. They can be of different colors too. Handwrite your dreams, desires and intentions on it. Writing it out in your own handwriting is important as it imbibes the intention with your energy.

It is important that you phrase your dreams as if it has already happened. For example

"I love my new car, it works perfectly." or

"I love my new house with enough space for everyone and everything." or

"I feel amazing and am brimming with self-confidence all the time."

You can use the words that work for you. Then roll up these papers like scrolls and tie a thread around them so you have a lot of little scrolls. If scrolls sound too much work just roll or fold the papers neatly and put them in the box.

Step 5: Addition

Now to these dream scrolls you can add whatever you think will add supportive energy. It can be crystals, photos of you or from magazines, essential oils. Crystals can provide great energy for abundance or health. Seashells are great for supporting flow. Rose quartz for self love and love in relationships. You can also have designated themes for your miracle box like abundance box or health box or relationship box. But remember to cleanse your crystals before putting them in the box. You can do this by putting them out in the sunlight or full moon or just washing in the cold water. Now layer all these with your scrolls.

Step 6: Keeping the Box

Now place this box in a place of honor. Put it in some place special and some place where you do not go for next 5 - 6 months. This is a way of turning it over, letting go, trusting and allowing it to come to fruition.

Step 7: Opening the box

Open the box after 5-6 months or a year. Now as you go through your scrolls - celebrate the ones that have come true and put those back that did not. Add new ones. Re-cleanse your crystals. Put your hands around the box,bring it close to your heart space, fill it with your heart energy and put it back, not to be opened for next 6 months or a year.

May Miracles abound your life. Happy Manifesting.

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