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Help your kid overcome anxiety 

Sign up for this free masterclass and get the “P.A.U.S.E” framework - A 5 steps, 15 minutes daily action plan that you can implement today to help your kids overcome anxiety.

During this one hour masterclass, you will learn:

The "P.A.U.S.E." Framework Action Plan

The one thing that takes less than 15 minutes but reduces anxiety by at least 50% because your kid has mastered the art of decoding her worry right when it starts and has the exact action steps to not only tackle it but solve it, giving her immense confidence in herself.

The Four Non-Negotiable Of Anxiety

The 4 actions we do often, repeatedly to help our kids overcome anxiety but actually makes it worse.

The Four Essential Skills For Anxiety Relief

The four skills that every kid needs to get real, long lasting anxiety relief.


Hi, I'm Anju

I help anxious kids overcome their cycle of endless worry and stress through science backed easy, simple and effective tools & techniques. 

I am also a #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety survivor and a Mom of two strong headed personalities. Above all I am a Believer, on a mission to bring mindfulness and coping skills to kids of all ages to not only help them survive but to help them thrive in life .                  

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