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Full Moon Energy Clearing - Clear Your Energy. Renew Yourself.

June 5, Friday

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM EST

Online - Limited Seats.

A safe way to clear your body and aura of negative and toxic energy. All you are required to do is lie down and relax.

About this Event

Energy clearing can help:

- If you are going through some major life changes and are looking for clarity, this session will help you make decisions.

- If you think you are an empath and usually feel drained around people, this session will help you uplift your energy and shield it.

- If you are dealing with difficult people at home or work and feel powerless, this session will help you to cut cords and take back your power.

- If you are trying to get over and let go of some old trauma or unhealthy pattern, this session will make it easier for you to process it and move forward.

- If you are done with your old life and are ready to leave it and start afresh with new energy and new focus, this session will bring in the energy to support you to make it possible (which we call co-incidences) 

After an energy clearing session, you will feel instant difference in your energy. I will also share tips and techniques that you can do on your own to continue to clear and shield your energy as and when you need it in the future.


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