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Bouncing Light Balls


Energy Clearing allows negative, stuck, or blocked energy to clear – it’s goal is to bring you back into energetic balance. It creates a space that invites what’s in resonance with you to shine and what isn’t in resonance with your true nature to fall away. 

It eases your way through life.

It will feel like an Energy Detox and help you clear: 

  • any energies that you have picked off others, or from yourself (negative thinking), 

  • release any trauma energy 

  • release old patterns that you are done with

  • shift your belief system that are not serving you anymore 

  • it opens and lightens, shifts and moves and invites flow in all kinds of ways in your life. 

You just need to hold the intention and be willing, clearing just scrubs what you are ready to let go, scrubbing all on its own. 

Clearing encourages your Self to be in balance, because anything, once brought back into balance, will heal itself.


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