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Mindful Employees

Make a Happier and Productive Workplace.

Bring in some meditation magic to your workplace with an hour-long introductory workshop in which the concept of mindfulness meditation is introduced to the participants in a fun interactive way. A lot of people are already aware of the many benefits of meditation, but don’t know how or where to begin. Some may have tried

meditation but find consistency and doing it right challenging. Whatever questions you would like answered, this is a perfect workshop.

All the basics will be covered:

Why we would want to meditate?

How to do it?

How do we set up our meditation space?

How long do we meditate?

What do we focus on?

What are some techniques to help us overcome distractions?

Structure of the session:

30 Mins - Meditation and Mindfulness Overview

15 Mins - 1 Meditation and 1 Mindfulness exercise

15 Mins - Q and A

This is a great way to gauge interest of your employees in

meditation/mindfulness. The company can then opt in for 8-week

series of mindfulness meditation sessions.

8-Week Series

Each session will be 30 minutes long, conducted once a week at your

workplace. Participating employees will receive a recording of the meditation to

help them continue their practice at home. They will also have access

to a private Facebook group to discuss their progress, work through

any challenges and have their questions answered.

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