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Want to help your kid or teen overcome endless cycle of anxiety and worry?

Then this what you are looking for: 

The Calm Kid Code Anxiety Relief System

This is for you, if..…….

You are feeling Helpless and Exhausted trying to help your child deal with stress.


This is for you, if..…….

You have a child struggling with Anxiety, Anger or Negative Thinking and you are unsure what to do.


This is for you, if..…….

You’re struggling with….getting your kids anxiety in control, your tactics, avoidance and reassurance not really helping…..  


This is for you, if…….

You are a parent and want to see your child happy and enjoying life.

So what is the solution?

Anxiety = Worry + Inability to handle

Anxiety Relief = Work on core thoughts + Use coping skills


What works:

# 1 - Mindfulness

# 2 - CBT Coping Skills & Techniques

# 3 - Power of Positive Habit

# 4 - Power Of Positive Reinforcement

What you need is:

A Complete System : Includes Everything Your Kid Needs To Overcome Anxiety


A system that provides long term Anxiety Relief 

Without the Pain Of Trial & Error 

So that you can have Happy, Confident Kids 

In as little as 15 Minutes/ Day

Even if Nothing Has Worked For You Before

A System That provides: 

# 1 Quick on the spot tried & tested anxiety relief techniques 

# 2 Long Term Anxiety Relief by working on core issues - inside out approach

# 3 Hands-on practical work sheets.

# 4 Your Customized “P.A.U.S.E.” Practice: 5 Steps, 15 Minutes Daily Action Plan


A System specifically designed for kids & teens. Easy to understand and easy to implement.


All This…...

Without The Need To Read Endless Books On Anxiety

Without The Pain Of Trial & Error

Without Getting Frustrated And Giving Up

Imagine All This……

Without The Need 

To Bribe or Penalize

To Reassure or Avoid

To Reduce Anxiety

Imagine All This……

In As Little As 15 Minutes

Even If “Nothing Has Worked So Far”

Even If “You Are On The Verge Of Giving Up ”

Even If “If You Don’t Know ABCs Of Mindfulness Or CBT Tools ”


This Is What Is Included In The Program

Module One

Delve deep into worry from an angle you have never been told before.

Find out workings of your brain so you can start finding your way out.

Easy Simple worksheets to get you going on your first step. 


Module Two

Making peace with your worry with specific scientific facts. 

So that you are not fighting the feeling of anxiousness.

Techniques to help you accept it.

Easy worksheet to get you working on it.


Module Three

All about Mindfulness broken down into simple terms for kids & teens.

Including how it helps with anxiety.

The secrets to make it very easy to practice for kids & teens.

13 exercises to choose and practice from, to help you with anxiety. 


Module Four

Introducing different ways anxiety creeps in. Working intensively with different negative thought patterns, what ifs and avoiding. Working with exact steps to identify it and solve it through CBT tools & techniques.   


Module Five

Practice The P.A.U.S.E. 

Your unique 15 minutes action plan made and ready to go 

With exact steps mapped out.    


Bonus: Audio Recording : 5 Guided Mindful Breathing + Guided Letting Go Worry Meditation


This System gets your kids from “Stress & Anxiety” to “Relief and Confidence with Coping Skills”


This is what Awaits On The Other Side Of YES

A DAY: When Your Kid Comes Up To You And Tells You They Are Worried But They Know Exactly What To Do

A DAY: When Your Kid Is Not Anxious About School. But Able To Do Well In School 

A DAY: When Your Kid’s Anxiety Does Not Stop Her From Participating & Enjoying Life

A DAY: When You Can Relax Knowing Your Kid Has Got The Tools, Techniques & Skills To Not Only Manage Challenges In Life But Thrive 

A YOU: Proud Parent. Seeing Your Child Smile Again


Instant & Lifetime Access:

For a limited time price of only $49.99 

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