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2021 New Year Tarot Reading

Monthly Tarot Guidance to help you navigate the year ahead.

Take a moment for yourself in the new year to pause and look ahead. The road is long, but with this powerful reading - you will have a map and compass. 

This is a personalized 2021 New Year Tarot reading. 

✧ What you will receive ✧

12 Cards : 1 for each month. Each card will be explained by a short paragraph summarizing the guidance for that month.


Following your purchase, please provide the following information:

1. Your full Name

2. Name that you usually use

3. Your preferred email address where your reading will be sent


△ Confidentiality & Ethics △

All readings come from a place of light and love. My goal as a Tarot reader is to provide honest, insightful, and judgement-free readings to the amazing 18 & older individuals who are seeking guidance in the various aspects of life. I promise my clients 100% confidentiality, and am grateful for the exchange of trust. My intentions are to help you arrive at your own conclusions. As you are the true expert in your own life, I will never tell you what to do you. 

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